Event-Shuttle. Keolis.
Event-Shuttle. Keolis.


15, 20/06/2022


Graspop Metal Meeting - Camping Shuttle

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On 16th- 17th -18th- 19th Graspop Metal Meeting takes place in Dessel. In collaboration with Keolis, Graspop Metal Meeting sets up special CAMPING SHUTTLES for people staying at the Graspop Metal Meeting Camping site.  We have one-way shuttles on the 15th & 16th June.

The shuttle will take you right up to the entrance of the Graspop Metal Meeting Camping Site.   

You can also book your tickets for the return trip on 20th June.

Tents & backpacks can be stored in the luggage compartment of the busses. 

You should receive your confirmation in your mailbox where you can download your tickets, also check your spam box. If you haven’t received anything in 24 hours, please contact event-shuttle@keolis.be and be sure to state your name, correct email address and date of festival attendance.  

At the day of departure, we ask you to be present at your bus stop 15 minutes in advance, so the bus can leave right on time. Please check the schedule of the buses. 

ETA at Graspop Metal Meeting on Wednesday 15th June is 3 PM

Departure time for the returntrip on Monday 20th June is 11 AM sharp

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