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Sportpaleis - Antwerp

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2023 will be the year of their grand return to the Sportpaleis for Bazart. In 2017 and 2018, Mathieu Terryn, Simon Nuytten and Oliver Symons also performed at the country's biggest indoor concert hall. With all their Dutch-language pop songs in a delightful live setting, with hyper catchy energy, a crazy production and, above all, lots of enthusiasm. All elements that will be present again this year, on Saturday 23 December in the Sportpaleis! After the Mainstage of Pukkelpop, the band returns to the Antwerp concert temple this autumn. And they will do so as part of Echo, a record label for and by Bazart founded in October. Echo is a home for their own releases, but also aims to be a platform for other Dutch-speaking talent. A quality label for Dutch-language music as it were, from new ingenuity to lost gems. The first release on the label was for 'Van God Los', a Bazart cover of Monza's legendary Belpop classic. Bazart is ambitious with Echo and wants to use it not only to create a new record label, but also a new concept. Bringing a broad sample of Dutch-language music to the public is central. The trio will therefore bring a lot of Dutch-speaking friends to the stage of the Sportpaleis. Who they will be remains a well-kept secret for now. Other things are already certain: there will be singing and dancing, this will be a high mass of Dutch songs and an evening you will never forget!

Timing (subject to changes):
DOORS:  16.30
GUUSJE:  17.30 – 17.50
POMMELIEN THIJS:  18.20 – 18.55
MEROL:  19.25 – 20.15
NOORDKAAP:  20.45 – 21.45
BAZART:  22.15 – 23.45

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