Event-Shuttle. Keolis.
Event-Shuttle. Keolis.


03, 04/08/2022

Park De Nieuwe Koers Oostende

Offer will be reduced as of 5 July

Offer will be reduced as of 5 July

RAMMSTEIN Park De Nieuwe Koers Oostende

Book your trip - Starting at €18


UPDATE: From 5 July onwards, trains will be offered to and from the concert, which means that a number of boarding points for the Concertbus will no longer be available for booking from that date.  The reservations made before that date will of course remain valid.

During the Rammstein concert, the population of Ostend will increase by more than a half. That means a lot of traffic. We will do everything possible to steer this mobility tidal wave in the right direction. Nevertheless, you will need to calculate some waiting time by car, both before and after the concert. The solution is simple: take the concert bus.

When you get on the concert bus at one of our 101 stops, spread all over Belgium and the North of France, your worries are over. Your trip will be the ideal way to get into the mood or to share memories on the show afterwards. Put on your vintage Rammstein t-shirt, have a drink, memorise the lyrics of 'Deutschland', discuss Lindemann's solo work, or take a nap... It's all possible on the bus.

Tickets for the concert bus can be booked until Saturday 7th July at 09:00 am.  Past this time-slot bookings will not be possible anymore !

Depending on your departure, a way & back ticket starts at 18 euros!   The buses leave half an hour after the end of the concert.

The concert bus:

  • picks you up in your town/city,
  • makes sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound,
  • gets you in the mood on the way and makes the 'Who's Bob' question superfluous.
  • Brings you safely back to your departure point after the concert.
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