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Mainsquare Festival

Mainsquare Festival

04, 05, 06, 07/07/2024

La Citadelle - Arras (Fr)

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Mainsquare Festival

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To celebrate the festival's 20th anniversary, Main Square 2024 will take place on 4, 5, 6 and 7 July in the Citadelle of Arras.

Once again, the Main Square Festival will be bringing you a wide range of today's music, so that together we can share the most wonderful of anniversaries in the Citadelle. 20 years with you!

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Mainsquare Festival 2024 Arrival festival Opening doors Start festival End last show Departure returntrip
THURSDAY 4th July 14h30 15h30 15h45 01h45 02h45
FRIDAY 5th July 13h45 14h45 15h05 01h45 02h45
SATURDAY 6th July 13h30 14h30 15h00 02h00 03h00
SUNDAY 7th July 12h00 13h00 14h00 00h00 01h00

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