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Sportpaleis - Antwerp

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Mia's 2024

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On January 29th, Flanders celebrates music at the MIA's in the Sportpaleis! Enjoy a dazzling live show with awards for the most celebrated artists of the year. Unique performances in a spectacular setting, a glittering red carpet full of artists and surprise guests. You don't want to miss this!

Do you already have a ticket for the concert but don't know how to get to the Sportpaleis? We may have the solution for you!  Book a seat in one of our 35 Event-Shuttle stops es and let us take you to the Sportpaleis in total comfort.  Enjoy a drink on board (not included in the price) and don't worry about traffic jams or parking!  All tickets are valid for both outward and return journeys.

Take a seat, relax and enjoy the ride, your event starts here !

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